Lezhnev Law PLLC is a boutique law firm that provides business/corporate, commercial litigation, cryptocurrency planning, estate planning/private wealth, and tax legal services.

Lezhnev Law PLLC advises high-net-worth and very-high-net-worth individuals and private businesses from the Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum, etc.), E-Commerce (Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), and Real Estate arenas. The Law Firm particularly caters to Millennials and Generation Z individuals with newly found wealth who the Law Firm refers to as Ecommillionaires and Cryptomillionaires or Cryptillionaires. 

Mikhail E. Lezhnev, Esq., CPA, MBA, LLM founded Lezhnev Law in 2017 and organized Lezhnev Law PLLC in 2018. In early 2021, Lezhnev Law PLLC publicly became one of the first law firms to start accepting cryptocurrency as payment.